One Central Park


OCP Ltd has changed and is continuing to change. We are now seeing companies, organisations and individuals developing and growing within One Central Park. We wanted to capture the results of that change and showcase these successes.

OCP is a place where businesses, large or small can go to further develop their skill set, performance and improve their network.

OCP support business growth and endeavours to provide continual advice to those who are seeking it. Business from every sector contact OCP about becoming a part of our ever growing network.

One of the ways is through the web-site, but we have been looking at our web presence and realised that it doesn’t accurately reflect who we are and what we and our clients and partners have achieved in such a short time.


We have moved!

OCP has moved to new offices. We are delighted with the result and would like to show appreciation for the companies that helped us along the way. Below is a list of companies who showed professionalism, support and service during our journey.

AB Plumbing & Heating: AB have been great in helping with all the plumbing of the new premises. They met a very tight deadline and were always prompt with reporting and good communication throughout.

Manchester PlasterersGreat working with Manchester Plasterers. A team who were punctual and did a solid job. Worth their weight in gold.

Mat CentreWonder online team to supplied all our anti slip matting throughout the premises. The first online team we’ve worked with who felt like they were actually in the room with you. Fantastic work guys.

Target Decorators: A small team but a great team. These guys work hard to impress, and they really do do just that. Would recommend to anyone.

The Kitchen Fitter: A great team who did not have a lot of space to work with, but have done well in making the most of the space we have. A tidy job!